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A more cleaner energy for the future

We use our technical information, technology and innovation capacity to meet increasing energy need of the world and to find out energy using more efficiently way and to provide so much, cleaner energy.


Changed Roles in Traffic Week

Celebrating its 55th anniversary, Koyuncu Group made a remarkable promotional film for Traffic Week. In the film, which emphasizes the importance of safety in traffic, a child who takes the role of a parent shows us what he experiences in traffic during the day. On the other hand, we closely feel the anxiety experienced by the parents who expect the child to return at home. Filming completed w..

Koyuncu Group Supports The Athletes On 55th Anniversary

Koyuncu Group, continuously improving its corporate social responsibility awareness, supports for physically disabled athletes. Paraathletics high jump athlete Abdullah Ilgaz, for whom he has been sponsoring for 3 years, will represent our country in Tokyo Olympics, Paraathletics European Championship and Konya Islamic Solidarity Games. Merve Turgut: "Social Responsibility is Our Major Pr..