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A more cleaner energy for the future

We use our technical information, technology and innovation capacity to meet increasing energy need of the world and to find out energy using more efficiently way and to provide so much, cleaner energy.


Attention to Occupational Safety! Attracting Event

Koyuncu Group held an "Occupational Health and Safety Awareness Day" in all group companies in order to raise awareness of occupational health and safety and to reflect this awareness to the public on Tuesday, August 24. T-shirts prepared with the #İSGSeninleBaşlar and #YalnızBırakma tags were worn by our group employees during working hours all day. In the T-shirt design worn by..

Abdullah Ilgaz Honored us in Paraathletics

Our national athlete, Abdullah Ilgaz, who competed in the Para Athletics European Championships held in Bydgoszcz, Poland, broke his own Turkish record with a jump of 1.91 in the men's high jump final in the T47 category and won the bronze medal. Thus, our country has brought the best success in this field to date. Abdullah Ilgaz, who completed his education in Konya, has been successfully..