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We use our technical information, technology and innovation capacity to meet increasing energy need of the world and to find out energy using more efficiently way and to provide so much, cleaner energy.


Our Film and SOBE Collaboration Made a Great Impression on Women's Day

Our film, which was performed by our female employees for the 8th of March, International Women's Day, made a great impression to the public. Our film prepared with the slogan “Every Woman is Worker, Every Woman is Hardworker” has reached lots of people on social media. On the other hand, we celebrated Women's Day with excitement in all our departments. We received our gift..

Konya's First 'Twin Fuel Station' Has Opened

Koyuncu Petrol, operating under the Koyuncu Group, opened Konya's first twin fuel station on the Ankara road. The station, which was put into service with the 'Select' concept of the Shell brand, can serve bilaterally both on the Ankara road and the Galerciler Site. The station, which serves on a total area of ​​4,200 square meters, can fill up to 16 vehicles simultaneously. &n..